191,000 say no to Mulu oil palm plantation

Sarawak activists file petition with Malaysian Embassy in Brussels

(BRUSSELS, BELGIUM) Indigenous activists from Sarawak (Malaysia) have today filed 191,000 signatures against rainforest destruction in the Gunung Mulu region with the Malaysian Embassy in Brussels. The petition been signed by many supporters from Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland but also a number of countries around the globe.

The Sarawak delegation reached Brussels last night as part of a European lobby tour leading them to the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Switzerland.

“We have come all the way to Brussels to make clear that we want our rights respected and the forest left intact “, said Willie Kajan, a Berawan activist from Kampung Melinau in the Mulu region. “The Mulu plantation has to be stopped and the land given back to the Dayak people.“

From the Malaysian Embassy, the Delegation proceeded to the European Parliament where they staged a dance against the Mulu oil palm plantation.

Watch the dance against the Mulu oil palm plantation on Facebook

This afternoon, the delegation will meet EU officials and NGOs to inform them about the Sarawak government’s controversial oil palm policy. Despite Malaysia’s pledge to cap oil palm plantations, the Sarawak state government plans to convert another 600,000 hectares of rainforest and community lands into oil palm plantations by 2023.